About Us


Lavian LLP is co-founded by Neha Sharma Raj in 2018, with varied experience in the field of design, merchandising, retail and brand management. Lavian is a lifestyle fashion company with brands Minicult, Minicult Creations and X2O* under its umbrella.

Team at Lavian believes that clothes should be comfortable like heaven. The brand should inspire you to make your wardrobe Fun & vibrant that reflects your personality and your aesthetics. Your clothes should be the most comfortable to wear and it is rightly said that the things we wear always tell a story and reflect who we are.

Our passion for creating and providing clothing options that are fun to wear and breathe easy.


Minicult is a brand curated by a mompreneur & passionate designer. It is dedicated to Kids Clothing & Accessories for the age group of new-born to 16
• Minicult is a point of reference for a great value, comfortable & accessible shopping to suit the everyday needs of moms & kids.

X2O is a youth brand with a focus on creating Xtra Ordinary collections mainly aimed at comfortable Fashion and Styling for Teens, women's & men's
fashion for every season.
• The X2O team likes to experiment freely, which
allows them to balance creativity and relatability,
and their innovative designs.